Best Stubble Trimmers of 2018 [Top 3 and Reviews]


1. Braun BT5050 Beard Trimmer for Guys

When it comes to electrical foil razors they are possibly one of the extremely best companies, Braun is a real giant brand name in the globe of personal treatment devices and also. That track record is not so clear cut when it concerns the (admittedly smaller) beard trimmer market.

This BT5050 is a mid-range version that can be found in at just under sixty dollars or thereabouts. At a glimpse it's right away a rather appealing mix of brand as well as price, and also people that've had a shave with the BT5050 are extremely satisfied with it without a doubt. There are no fuss to this trimmer. It does exactly just what it promotes as well as absolutely nothing even more. In capable hands you could style practically any beard you could imagine.

I don't believe there is any type of need to prevent the BT5050. It looks excellent, works fantastic, and also exactly what problems it does have are not important in the greater scheme of things. At this rate it's a no-brainer-- you could acquire one with confidence.


2. Remington MB-200 Review

Few points are as manly as a Remington electrical trimmer. Remington has been making electric razors and also trimmers for years as well as you can not obtain a lot better in terms of sheer brand recognition.

I truly like the solitary black swathe that runs from the comb along the body of the trimmer, with the remainder being silver. The entire shape as well as color options make the MB-200 appearance both modern and classic.

Remington is known for top quality blades as well as the MB-200 seems no different. In fact, the company makes some strong insurance claims concerning them. The blades are covered in titanium and inning accordance with Remington never need oiling whatsoever. On the flipside, the MB-200 is not washable at all, which may describe why it never ever has to be oiled once more. It's soft brush cleaning only, in this case. The blades are self-sharpening and also bigger than usual.

There are no detachable combs; the whole unit is self-contained. You can pick one of 9 length presets, which is very limited certainly. It is necessary as a result to guarantee that the beard sizes you need are supported by the MB-200. It starts at 1.5 mm as well as stops at 18mm, however the increments are not the very same throughout, it appears.

The MB-200 is not a trimmer that can work as your only trimmer. Instead, I assume it is an excellent second trimmer-- the one you include your bag for a weekend out or maintain as a backup in your cars and truck. It's durable as well as very cheap, however it gives up too much while doing so and also is simply not functional enough to be an everyday driver.

3.Braun Precision Trimmer PT5010

Probably this PT5010 accuracy detailer doesn't really belong right here among the full-on beard leaners, however I really felt that I need to highlight the product merely since a lot of beard leaners, even the best ones, commonly do not have built-in accuracy trimming or good attachments.

That makes a specialist detail trimmer similar to this one an excellent companion to an otherwise competent huge trimmer. Obviously it relies on your criteria for face hair. If you are happy to simply run through your beard with a large trimmer a few times, this is not for you. If you desire knifelike lines as well as sides, you'll require something such as this, given that large leaners just can not obtain anywhere you would certainly have to go in order to accomplish that sharply-defined look.

The PT5010 is a tiny tool, although perhaps not as tiny as its item shot may recommend. That being said, it looks like a top quality item that would certainly be at residence in a high-end salon.

The reducing element on the PT5010 is absolutely tiny. There are two compatible combs that let you specifies the sharp edges of your mustache or beard. The head is cleanable under a faucet, making upkeep a breeze.

There is no rechargeable battery right here. The trimmer runs a AAA battery and also the first one is fortunately consisted of. That makes it excellent as a travel companion because you could get batteries anywhere and do not need to bother with voltages. One fresh battery gives you a really decent 2 hours of operation.

Customer responses suggests that the performance of the Braun is adequate, but offered how economical it is, I want to offer it a masquerade being simply good enough. If "great enough" is not great enough for you, investing a bit more money must do the trick well.


Philips Norelco Multigroom Collection 7100

I such as convergent points. I like that I not need to lug about a cam, a Walkman, as well as a number of books. Now all of it just goes into one smartphone. Merging is great, even if the convergent device doesn't do everything fairly as well as the different, specialized gizmos.

Below we have the convergent trimmer. The Philips Norelco Multigroom. It slices, it dices, it basically cuts all the hair on your body no matter where it is, even inside your nose. There are currently fewer compared to 8 accessories that will aid keep hair off you like an overzealous trichotillomaniac (Google it).

The battery is lithium as well as the claim is for a respectable sixty minutes of procedure. It likewise has an interesting "turbo mode" for thicker hair, which probably reduces the battery life in exchange for more strenuous hair removal.

All of this is wrapped up in a mainly dull bundle that is showerproof as well as permits dry as well as wet operation. The rate is also pretty good, offered what you get.

Altogether the Multigroom looks excellent theoretically. In technique it's only average in most of just what it does, though. The nose trimmer add-on in particular appears to attract the ire of lots of, which does not decrease well because if one part is sub-par you need to get a second tool anyway.

This is a good (and probably just) selection if you are in need of cutting anywhere (I'm sorry) and can only manage the one thing. Because after that you can do far better if you could afford to acquire separate tools I would certainly suggest that rather.

Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 9100

When your objective is to make something cooler compared to it currently is, the lowest hanging fruit has reached be affixing a laser to it. If it has a laser, name one thing that isn't really immediately cooler.

The suggestion is actually straightforward, considering that the majority of us can't really cut a flawlessly straight edge in our face hair, the 9100 uses an exact method of ensuring your beard is in proportion perfection. That sounds awesome, however does it work well adequate to make it worth it?

The 9100 is rather tiring to consider. Philips Norelco isn't exactly known for outstanding styles to begin with as well as the 9100 is very dull even by their standards. It's ALRIGHT, I think, just second best.

The entire motif of the 9100 is precision, as it's geared for stubble and also mustache. The blades are self-sharpening chromium steel, the trimmer has two different sides for various sorts of accuracy trimming, as well as obviously the laser tasks straight beard lines straight on your face in order to assist you shave the best Ken doll beard. Strangely nonetheless, this shaver just has 17 size presets; that's one of the most affordable figures I have actually seen. If you were seeking maintenance of a longer beard, look elsewhere. Those 17 increments are in between 0.4 and 7mm. In its protection, the increments are a precise 0.2 mm, but that still significantly restrictions that will certainly discover this product beneficial.

Powering up that laser the good news is does not seem to hurt battery life as well much. There does not appear to be a quick-charge attribute for emergency situations, but probably a five min fee will provide you five minutes of trim, which would certainly be functionally comparable.

Generally, the customer impacts of this item are okay, yet some people whine that the 9100 is a bit weak and also struggles to trim also moderately thick beards. In method, the laser gimmick additionally doesn't appear to function all that well, since naturally the laser walks around with the trimmer. The best you can do is check after the reality how poor your line is, however it doesn't actually help make them any straighter.

Philips Norelco makes lots of very great as well as very good leaners, and this one isn't really bad either, yet it's certainly not the very best one you can find.

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